Aligning the Brush with the Heart - "Inner Conversations" #4.
The ART of personal and business discovery.


Aligning the Brush with the Heart – "Inner Conversations" #4

The Art of Personal and Business Discovery, with Diana Green

Date: 11th November (Saturday afternoon) 2017, refreshments and conversations to follow

Half Day: 1.10pm – 4.40pm *Maximum Eight (8) people (wear comfortable clothes for pastel & brush work).

Location: Level 3, Room A, Arisu Iki Iki Plaza, Hiroo, Tokyo, Japan. (Japanese style room)

Language: English Speakers

Fee: JPY 6,500 - (includes materials to cover cost).

BOOKINGS: http://visionled171111.peatix.com OR

Register: Pre register and pay at door www.designofthinking.com/whatson

RSVP: * by 8.00pm, 10th November or until booked out.


“Our inner world comes without a script”

At the Heart, there is no script.

From the inside out we find our Self, but is it a “self” as we ‘think’ it to be?

It is from the 'inner conversation' knowing awareness forms. Where we have an awareness of the knowing.

In the 4th session of “Mark Making”, ‘Inner conversations’, we commence an exploration and discovery of what this heart of ‘no script’ reveals.

In this session, the inner conversation, we reach beyond technique, beyond structure and the need to get it right or wrong – it is here we find the unknown, it is from the inside out, as it blossoms into the world.

Beginning with invisible marks, Diana will guide you beyond the world of words, Reflection, Connection, Awareness of Knowing, to Creativity, Play and Energy. It is here ART is revealed and emerges into form.

If we only pay attention to the chatter of our programming, our patterns, it becomes our discourse, where we guide our views and perspectives as a measurement to negotiate our way to the outer world.

In this enquiry to discover the relationship between stillness and external, we will build from random movement, the Marks, that takes life when it moves onto the paper.

This goes beyond the need for immediately definition. Instead the interplay begins with the Making of Marks as a metaphor for growth and expression. This reveals deeper levels through self organizing multiple layers where the mark reflects to you.

Here we recognise a 'something' but until we give it form it remains nameless.

New possibilities are revealed that go beyond a script.

It is here, ‘The Brush is aligned with the Heart’.

“Aligning the Brush with the Heart” is a series Diana is conducting over a 12 month period, in Tokyo, Japan.

The fourth session of the series “Mark Marking”, 'Inner Conversations' will be held in Hiroo.

We look forward to seeing you – Diana and team.

Diana founded and directs Visionled Global, an agent for transformation and strategic facilitation.

With a vision of inspiring people at work and in life, Diana merged her background in art, design, education and business experience in her process as a platform to think differently; as creators, tap into imagination, shift perspective to expand and reframe approach to find solutions overcoming individual and group work challenges.

Diana is a catalyst (consultant) in 'personal and organization transformation’. Diana works with individuals, groups and in-house teams from across business, as PODs. It leads to creation of services, products and re-design of structures, through to implementation.


Sat Nov 11, 2017
1:10 PM - 4:40 PM JST
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Arisu Iki Iki Plaza
E Attendee SOLD OUT ¥6,500
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4-6-7, MinamiAzabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 東京都港区南麻布4丁目6−7 Japan
Hiroo station (7min)
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